Sweet spot!

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Inventing the right mix for next generation aviation.
First truly understand our world and find the glue
that connect everything.
A huge amount of knowledge in different areas -
both past and present, learn from others mistakes!

Then you add perspective & perception.
Zoom in and out until you don't know what's up or down.
Then as a touch - add a grain of fantasy and humour.

N2 is the secret ingredients - for someone else's invention
Today its the Sweet spot in functions and latency

Either you sit in a blender and go 360° or in a N2

Same Same but different - at least you would get a hell of a ride.

Until you try a blender the next and best option is here - N2

We all are moving horizontal and our precious time -
is linear and constant.
N2 will minimise latency and take us 360° vertical IRL
We cant stop there! We will do it better lets go 720°

Sweet spot and the right mix.

Whatever your a golf pro, investor or working in the supermarket

We all trying to hit that sweet spot all the time.

From trying to hit that ball perfectly or making an investment in the

right time or just finding the perfect time to wakeup and still catch that perfect bus

to work.

Small things matter, the details when you develop an aircraft or

when you boiling an egg. And you hit that sweet spot an they are absolutely

perfect as you want it. Even better if they are easy pealing. Then its a jackpot.

Here comes the tricky part of our world, we want as many

sweet spots as possible, we almost collect them, putting a gold star

in our "book of life".  But the other side of the coin is way bigger, and

you know it and we know it, that's why you going to airport an hour before you have

to because you don't know the traffic, or check-in or security check.

That's one thing of many that N2 can make a big  difference.

What our pictures on the right will illustrate is that, we put you in

a special sweet spot - in the center. Where this is a life changes moment

you will live it, feel it, smell it.  Where you can be close where the action is with low latency.

Point to Point  an experience that is revolutionary and powerful as a PP

(proton-proton) chain reaction. If it isn't you, then its somebody else,

or at least N2 is doing something good in society.

Everything we work fore is H2H and finding the right mix

and we trying really hard to grasp all aspects, from environment, cultures,

climate, finance. So we hit that sweet spot and make a home run.

Time for a joke.

If Elon Musk describe his Boring Company and there

tunnel - with many questionable security features

(Fire exit, ventilation  and small) as a wormhole.

Then N2 is starship Enterprise compared to  "his" wormhole,

and its time for warp speed.

No the reality is different and we do not make a joke about human lives.

Safety first in all aspects, if we need to compromises, and we

cant guarantee safety. then its safety first.

The whole industry in this area is still in a maze and think its a puzzle - Stuck in a wormhole.

Our work with N2 have been a maze, many dead ends an many

compromised until we find the right formula and mix .

Today we have a complete picture and have solved every aspects and  -

it's even better than we hoped fore.

We have made a little compromised - N2 is a charging hybrid.

And there is no other way, to have check box on everything else.

Its impossible until we get better/widely spread energy sources.

We know that in the future - even if it take long time, we will solve

that to, but in the meantime. This is it!

History lesson.

Toyota prius (hybrid) 1997 came 12 years before Tesla even built

one mass produced car. And to be honest - is it so innovative with

electric cars.